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Top Eastern US Ski Areas

Skiing & snowboarding in the US isn`t only about Colorado, Montana, Utah or other high-mountain Western destinations. That`s where you`ll definitely find some of the world`s best snow sports destinations, but these Eastern US ski areas on our short-list are well worth a visit for regional residents, travelers passing through or competitors looking to step-up…

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Alpine Responsibility Code

If you forget to use the +41 country code to call Switzerland from abroad, no big deal. You`ll get an annoying automated voice telling you to try another number, then just dial again correctly. But if you forget to follow the Alpine Responsibility Code ( ARC ) nobody can have a safe, fun time playing…

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Skiing & Snowboarding Slang for Dummies

There are tons of words and phrases snowsports junkies use that don`t make any sense, even to other skiers & boarders. Below is an incomplete list of adjectives, nouns, verbs & phrases that you`d be correct wondering what it was that strange goggle wearing creature just said. Skiing & Snowboarding Slang Words Shred (verb): to ride aggressively This term originally…

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Freestyle Skiing & Snowboarding Safety Education: Keep the park free of morons…Smart Syle it.

Crushing hand-placed steel, boosting out of the half-pipe or hucking your meat over table-tops isn`t exactly synonymous with safety. But if you want to do wicked things in the terrain park you need to be fearless and smart enough to respect the rules. Burton`s 4-step Smart Style methodology illustrated in the images above is super…

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Driving in Switzerland: Avoiding Radars and General Safety

Driving in the Swiss Alps is never a mindless, cruise-control experience. You`ll need to remind yourself that while operating a motor vehicle, turning around to look behind at the incredible scenery you just passed might not be the smartest idea. Besides, the scenery will be equally magnificent up ahead. In all seriousness, a higher degree…

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Eichof Beer: fresh as a mountain stream because it`s from one

We stopped buying bottled water a long time ago. Environmentally it`s the responsible thing to do, but we`re also fortunate to live in a place where our drinking water comes from natural, clear mountain springs. We also stopped drinking bottled water because bottled beer in Central Switzerland is just so much better than boring H2O.


Trains from Zürich Airport to Luzern-Lucerne, Switzerland

If you`re coming from overseas to visit the beautiful Lake Luzern region of Central Switzerland, flying into Zürich then hopping on one of the convenient twice-hourly trains to Lucerne is one of your best transport options.

Voile Mojo RX 166 Splitboard Review

The Voile Mojo splitboard stood alone as the only splitty on the market for more than a decade before the splitboard revolution went into overdrive only a few years back. Now everyone equipped with a high-powered saw and some super-glue is transforming their solids into splits. Although discontinued after the 2011-12 season, the Voile Mojo…

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Air access into Luzern and Central Switzerland

One of the many reasons Luzern enoys such a high quality of life — aside from the magical alpine surroundings and countless other attributes that make it one of the world`s most liveable & loveable cities — is it`s lack of a noisy airport. There are quite a few small airfields scattered around Zentralschweiz, but…

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Meringen-Hasliberg Skiing & Snowboarding Review

With world-class Engelberg-Titlis on one side and some of the most iconic mountains in the world — the Eiger, Jungfrau & Monch  — on the other, Meiringen-Hasliberg gets lost in the shadow of Swiss alpine giants. You could see how middle-child syndrome might make it depressing for little Hasliberg. But pity isn`t what applies here…it`s more…

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Jones Mountain Twin 160 Wide Snowboard Review

From the mind of modern snowboarding`s most influential big-mountain backcountry rider, Jeremy Jones, to the production facilities of European snowboard manufacturing pioneers, Nidecker, comes the Jones Mountain Twin. This snowboard is marketed as a playful, all-mountain freestyle board capable of slaying man-made & natural features wherever they pop-up on the hill. In our view, the…

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Osprey Kode 22 Snow Backpack Review

The Osprey Kode snow backpacks brought to you by Telluride, Colorado based, Osprey Packs Inc., are arguably the best non-ABS backpacks built for skiing and snowboarding you`ll find anywhere on the frozen Earth. Osprey Kode 22 Ski & Snowboard Backpack Key Attributes *Excellent snow-specific design features & functionality *Off-snow usage versatility *Durable material, zippers, clips &…

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