Eichof Beer: fresh as a mountain stream because it`s from one


We stopped buying bottled water a long time ago. Environmentally it`s the responsible thing to do, but we`re also fortunate to live in a place where our drinking water comes from natural, clear mountain springs. We also stopped drinking bottled water because bottled beer in Central Switzerland is just so much better than boring H2O.

Located near the Luzern city-center and not far from the shores of the Vierwaldstättersee, Eichof Brewery doesn`t let any of the fresh run-off from iconic Mount Pilatus go to waste. They`ve got a variety of beers, from light lagers to Bavarian-like Klösterbrau, that have turned us snobby beerficianados from solely German or Belgian beer drinkers into entirely Central Swiss-made drunks.

We generally recommend the entire line of Eichhof beers (owned by Heineken since 2012), as even the “bottom of the barrel” lager is pretty good and always acceptable at parties or summer music festivals. But we have a few suggestions for different beer-worthy situations.

For warm, sunny Swiss Alps summer afternoons & evenings, grab a Braugold. This one`s light, crisp & refreshing and is often on tap at restaurants throughout Luzern and the greater region.

A solid, 4-season, every occasion beer is the Eichhof Bügelbrau. It`s got a mellow feel to it on the way down and a soft, slightly fruity after-taste. It`s one of the smoothest beers out there and makes the perfect addition to lakeside barbecues, watching weekend football matches or apres ski drinks on the slopes with friends.

The Eichhof Klösterbrau is another versatile beer, but is more suitable for winter-time meals or mellow apres ski gatherings. The Klösterbrau is an unfiltered, slightly yeasty amber colored beer with roots from the medieval monasteries of Europe that goes great with pizza.

We also recommend Eichof`s starkbier (strong beer), Barbara Helles, as it resembles a powerful yet easily drinkable Belgian brew.

Eichhof`s range of brews is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tipping back a cold-one in Zentralschweiz.

Don`t just sit there reading about Eichof…start drinking

If you`re looking for something to do for two hours on a less-than-perfect weather day in Lucerne, schedule a tour of the Eichhof brewery. You`ll be taken through the beer making process from start to finish…of which “finish” means free beer drinking with snacks.

Private and/or group tours are currently held Mon.-Thurs., 9am-3pm (Friday mornings are also possible). Tours cost 15CHF per person. Call +41 (0)41 319 14 94 for details.


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Eichhof`s range of brews is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tipping back a cold-one in Zentralschweiz.

There are tons of very good micro-breweries dotting the region, including the Rathaus Brauerei along the banks of the Reuss River in the medieval center of Luzern that`ll hands-down rival any beer maker`s masterpiece anywhere on the frothy planet.

More Central Swiss beer reviews on the way…


Posted on September 10, 2013 in Travel Tips