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Driving in Switzerland: Avoiding Radars and General Safety

Driving in the Swiss Alps is never a mindless, cruise-control experience. You`ll need to remind yourself that while operating a motor vehicle, turning around to look behind at the incredible scenery you just passed might not be the smartest idea. Besides, the scenery will be equally magnificent up ahead. In all seriousness, a higher degree…

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Trains from Zürich Airport to Luzern-Lucerne, Switzerland

If you`re coming from overseas to visit the beautiful Lake Luzern region of Central Switzerland, flying into Zürich then hopping on one of the convenient twice-hourly trains to Lucerne is one of your best transport options.


Air access into Luzern and Central Switzerland

One of the many reasons Luzern enoys such a high quality of life — aside from the magical alpine surroundings and countless other attributes that make it one of the world`s most liveable & loveable cities — is it`s lack of a noisy airport. There are quite a few small airfields scattered around Zentralschweiz, but…

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