Winkelride Freestyle Skiing & Snowboarding Rail Jam – 3sixty Snowboard Shop, Stans, Switzerland

With one of Europe`s most picturesque cities 15-minutes to the North (Luzern) and one of Switzerland`s top snowsports destinations 25-minutes in the opposite direction (Engelberg), beautiful little Stans, CH, kinda` gets lost in the middle. But every year just before the winter season kicks into full gear, the guys n` gals at local skate & snowboard shop, 3sixty, organize a great event that brings a little life into the sleepy dorfplatz of Nidwalden`s capital (pop. 9000).

Winkelride — a funny play-on-words referencing 14th century Swiss folkloric hero, Arnold Winkelried — is an annual free-for-all rail jam session with a strong community vibe that speaks volumes as to why 360 is one of the coolest of all the  ski & snowboard shops dotting the landscape around the Vierwaldstättersee (Lake Luzern). There`s no entry fee to enjoy the festivities, drink & food tix are fairly priced, sponsor reps greet you with smiles and the after-party on the other side of town keeps it rowdy (if you want) into the early morning hours.


The event is open to all skiers & snowboarders so there`s none of that `one-planker vs two -planker` bullshit and as it`s currently solely a skill showcase without big prize money involved (free gear to the winners), the atmosphere is super mellow & friendly.

One of the highlights of the show — aside from the action on the well-designed rail-setup smack in the middle of the medieval town square — is the bangin` old-school rap beats blaring from the base of the Stanserhorn supplied by local DJ`s throughout the two day event.

3sixty`s Winkelride jam session is a grass-roots gathering that reminds everyone that riding should be about coming together to celebrate in a way that`s inclusive & accessible to everyone. It`s unpretentious local events like Winkelride that keep the true spirit of riding alive when so many have mistakenly come to believe that the Olympics and X-Games hype are what playing in the snow is all about.


Big thanks to 3sixty, all the riders, event sponsors, talented DJ`s and everyone who showed their support for one of the best things to do in Central Switzerland that hopefully more Lake Luzern nebel-dwellers will begin to appreciate for years to come.

FYI, if you decide to sample the snowy goods in Central Switzerland (good idea), you can find 3sixty stores on the East, West & South sides of Lake Luzern.

When you ride at Stoos, drop by the shop in Schwyz. Otherwise, after a day at Engelberg or Klewenalp stop into the Stans location or cruise by the Altdorf store on your way back from Andermatt.



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Posted on November 18, 2013 in Skiing, Snowboarding, Snowsports, Travel Tips