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Splitboarding Tips & Tech for Beginners 101: Pre-hike equipment practice and proper skinning technique

When gravity takes over, the downhill part of your splitboarding adventure isn`t really any different than a descent on a traditional solid snowboard. But the two-plank split ascent poses some new challenges for those just starting out on their splitboards. Here are some tips for beginner splitboarders that will help you get to know your…

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Splitboarding Gear Essentials

Along with splitboard and backcountry safety equipment, the following items are integral components to your splitboarding gear list. There are other pieces of equipment that could be included but without the mandatory handful of items below, your beautiful splitboard will be nothing more than a giant ornament resting against the wall. The additional expenses will increase your…

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Voile Mojo RX 166 Splitboard Review

The Voile Mojo splitboard stood alone as the only splitty on the market for more than a decade before the splitboard revolution went into overdrive only a few years back. Now everyone equipped with a high-powered saw and some super-glue is transforming their solids into splits. Although discontinued after the 2011-12 season, the Voile Mojo…

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