Osprey Kode 22 Snow Backpack Review

The Osprey Kode snow backpacks brought to you by Telluride, Colorado based, Osprey Packs Inc., are arguably the best non-ABS backpacks built for skiing and snowboarding you`ll find anywhere on the frozen Earth.

Osprey Kode 22 Ski & Snowboard Backpack Key Attributes

*Excellent snow-specific design features & functionality

*Off-snow usage versatility

*Durable material, zippers, clips & straps

*Well-designed pockets & dry/wet storage separation

*Convenient zippered shoulder strap hydration-unit access

*Very good value for money


Osprey Kode 22 Ski & Snowboard Backpack: On & Off snow functionality

The Osprey Kode is designed for snow-minded activities but shows a lot of versatility for all-purpose use. The Kode can comfortably be used in the summer for trail hiking, mountain biking, skateboarding through town or as a low-profile carry-on for air travel.

In terms of snow-specific functionality, the Osprey Kode 22 provides complete piece of mind when it comes to securing your gear. The pack is constructed with extremely durable 630D Nylon making it super water-proof and has an ergonomic design that feels virtually un-noticeable on your back while riding.

Along with plentiful deep pockets including dry/wet storage separation, the zippers are extremely well-made and some of the toughest on the market. The internal pockets are perfectly designed to carry your backcountry tools including shovel, probe, extra goggles (fleece-lined Velcro pocket), hydration system (easy-access external zipper along the shoulder strap) and anything else you need for a skiing & snowboarding day trip out-of-bounds.

The outer top pocket is large & deep, while the hip-pockets on the waist straps provide full confidence for smartphone, sunglasses or multi-tool storage.

It`s also equipped with important backcountry essentials such as A-frame ski carry, vertical ski carry, diagonal ski carry system, vertical snowboard carry capabilities and ice-axe carry.

Osprey Kode 22 Ski & Snowboard Backpack: Sizing recommendations

It`s difficult to buy a backpack without trying it on first, but hopefully our tester size info below will give you an indication of what size Osprey Kode would fit you best.

Male tester size:  5`11″, 180 lbs (1.8m, 82kg)

Size medium is recommend in this pack size for riders up to but not exceeding tester size. The large would be a very good fit for riders of this size, but if your motive is to ski or snowboard with a low-profile backpack that will hold your essential gear and a few extras, then the medium will work just fine.

Female tester size: 5`4″, 120 lbs (1.6m, 55kg)

Size small is recommend as the ideal size for riders of female tester height & weight.

The Osprey Kode is extremely versatile and performs wonderfully, but we do not recommend the 22 liter pack for multi-day excursions requiring tons of extra gear. Although it`s definitely feasible to utilize the Osprey Kode 22 for an overnight hike, you would likely push its limits of internal space when bringing along bulky extra layers, cooking supplies, skins, crampons, food, water and other backcountry gear. If multi-day missions are your motive, then consider a larger volume Kode. But if quick sidecountry stash sessions or short day hikes beyond the ski area boundary are on your agenda, the Kode 22 can handle whatever you throw at it (or stuff inside it).

Osprey Kode snow backpacks are available in small, medium and large, 22L, 30L or 38L volumes.


Osprey Kode 22…the final verdict

Case closed. The Osprey Kode is our #1 choice for non-ABS skiing & snowboarding adventures whenever we`re in the high-country (which is nearly every day). Customer service at Osprey is very good as well, ensuring that if something goes wrong with your pack (it won`t) there will be someone on the other end of the phone who actually gives a damn about your satisfaction.

The Osprey Kode is priced right, durable as hell, cleverly designed and proven in the field. Case closed again.

Go buy one and get your ass up in the hills with one of the best snow-focused all-purpose backpacks on the planet.


Osprey Packs

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