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Top Eastern US Ski Areas

Skiing & snowboarding in the US isn`t only about Colorado, Montana, Utah or other high-mountain Western destinations. That`s where you`ll definitely find some of the world`s best snow sports destinations, but these Eastern US ski areas on our short-list are well worth a visit for regional residents, travelers passing through or competitors looking to step-up…

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Little Cottonwood Canyon, SLC, Utah, Flagstaff Gap Backcountry Mega-Booter

Salt Lake City locals, Eric Rich and Sam Smith, flew further in one afternoon off the massive Flagstaff Gap kicker than most skiers will in a lifetime of aerial maneuvers.  Here they are more than 50ft./18m up in the sky, flying across the 100+ ft./33+m natural gap, not far from downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Conditions were less than…

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