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Nidecker Escape 159 Wide All-mountain Freeride Snowboard Review

The madmen at Nidecker have been at the forefront of game-changing snowboard innovation since 1984 with a snow-focused manufacturing heritage dating back long before that (1912). So when Nidecker produces a “mid-range” snowboard, chances are you`re getting more bang for your buck than advertised. The Nidecker Escape all-mountain freeride snowboard is a great example crammed…

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Nidecker Ultralight 160 Freeride Snowboard Review

The Nidecker Ultralight isn`t your average laminated wooden plank. This Swiss engineered big-mountain “beauty and the beast” is tough, fast, responsive, over-flowing with technological innovation and almost as pretty as last months` Playboy cover girl.  Besides, if it`s good enough for the Freeride World Tour champions from 2013 & 2014 (Elodie Mouthon & Emilien Badoux),…

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Jones Ultra Aviator 158 Wide All-Mountain Freestyle Snowboard Review

Here`s the unofficial transcript of communications overheard between the Jones Ultra Aviator and Zürich Airport Ground Control Tower—– Jones Ultra Aviator: Tower, this is the Ultra Aviator requesting fly-by. Control Tower: Request denied Ultra Aviator. Jones Ultra Aviator: F#&k off. Jones Ultra Aviator Intro In only a short time since company launch in 2009, Jones…

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Splitboarding Gear Essentials

Along with splitboard and backcountry safety equipment, the following items are integral components to your splitboarding gear list. There are other pieces of equipment that could be included but without the mandatory handful of items below, your beautiful splitboard will be nothing more than a giant ornament resting against the wall. The additional expenses will increase your…

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Jones Hovercraft 160 Snowboard Review

Before heading off to the deep powder capital of the world, you have a decision to make. Should you bring a pow-specific board that might limit versatility or an all-mountain ride that`ll let you do it all in every condition? Big mountain maestro, Jeremy Jones, and Swiss snowboard manufacturing geniuses at Nidecker, combined to come up with a design…

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Breuil-Cervinia, Aosta, Italy – Early season skiing & snowboarding in Europe

Early season riding at Breuil-Cervinia often resembles mid-season skiing & snowboarding at a lot of other places around the world. When you want freshies in October or November at a European ski area (or excellent skiing & snowboarding throughout the entire winter), head to the continent`s highest lifted point in Italy`s, Aosta Valley. Cervinia Skiing…

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Melchsee-Frutt Ski Area Review

A local`s favorite, little Melchsee-Frutt delivers a pretty big punch for a relatively pint-sized Swiss ski hill. Excellent snow totals, terrain for everyone, solid infrastructure and wonderful sunny aspect make it a great Central Swiss winter holiday spot. Melchsee-Frutt Ski Area Overview Melchsee-Frutt is an enjoyable, well-rounded Zentralschweiz ski gebeit. There`s a nice vibe with an…

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Stoos Skiing & Snowboarding Area Review

The Lake Luzern region of the Central Swiss Alps is one of the most scenic four-season locales anywhere. But when the snow starts flying above the Vierwaldstättersee`s Eastern shoreline, one small Swiss ski area — Stoos — compliments the idyllic beauty of the region in a big way.

Voile Mojo RX 166 Splitboard Review

The Voile Mojo splitboard stood alone as the only splitty on the market for more than a decade before the splitboard revolution went into overdrive only a few years back. Now everyone equipped with a high-powered saw and some super-glue is transforming their solids into splits. Although discontinued after the 2011-12 season, the Voile Mojo…

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Meringen-Hasliberg Skiing & Snowboarding Review

With world-class Engelberg-Titlis on one side and some of the most iconic mountains in the world — the Eiger, Jungfrau & Monch  — on the other, Meiringen-Hasliberg gets lost in the shadow of Swiss alpine giants. You could see how middle-child syndrome might make it depressing for little Hasliberg. But pity isn`t what applies here…it`s more…

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Jones Mountain Twin 160 Wide Snowboard Review

From the mind of modern snowboarding`s most influential big-mountain backcountry rider, Jeremy Jones, to the production facilities of European snowboard manufacturing pioneers, Nidecker, comes the Jones Mountain Twin. This snowboard is marketed as a playful, all-mountain freestyle board capable of slaying man-made & natural features wherever they pop-up on the hill. In our view, the…

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Engelberg-Titlis Skiing & Snowboarding Review

You found our site, so that probably means you`re into alpinism, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, climbing, parasailing, hang-gliding or other outdoor endeavors you`d expect to find in a place like the Swiss Alps. Good. We like you and you`ll like Engelberg.